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Shimodozono Co., Ltd. <We deliver premium Japanese green tea to worldwide from Kagoshima.>

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Sun, Earth, Water and Humans... The blessing of Kagoshima, wonderful teas.
With it’s mild weather and rich, fresh, fertile soil, Kagoshima is a premier tea growing region in Japan. We have striven to develop premium Kagoshima green tea within the area.



Company overview
Company name Shimodozono Co., Ltd.
Headquarter address 5-18 Oroshi-honmachi, Kagoshima city, Kagoshima
TEL (+81) 99-268-7281
FAX (+81) 99-267-1503
President Yutaka Shimodozono
Senior Managing Director Hajime Shimodozono
Managing Director Hidemi Oka
Managing Director Iwao Hori
Director Hitomi Shimodozono
Director Shun'ichi Matsuzaki
Auditor Naozumi Sakamoto
Established March 1, 1954
Proprietary limited
February 1, 1962
Company limited
February 1, 1991
Capital 23,000,000 Yen
Main Bank Kagoshima Bank, Oroshi-honmachi Branch


Corporate History
1962 February Established Shimodozono Ltd.
1972 May Headquarter moved to Nan'ei-cho, Kagoshima city (current location of logistics center).
1974 Introduced computer operation system for the first time among the industry.
1977 March Established Tokyo office in Suginami ward.
1980 November Yutaka Shimodozono succeeded to the company and was installed as president.
1982 Established new packaging factory.
1990 September Joined SIAL1990 (International Food Exhibition) held at Paris.
1991 February Established Shimodozono Co., Ltd.
March Established new packaging factory and freezer/refrigerator.
September Joined ANUGA1991 (International Food Messe) held at Keln.
1992 March Established component analysis center and R&D center.
September Started exporting to Germany.
1995 October Acquired European organic certification from German authority.
1998 Februrary Established affiliated company "Bio Farm Ltd." in Kawanabe-cho, Kagoshima.
October Established affiliated company "Shimodozono International GmbH" in Germany.
1999 August Established Hokkaido branch in Obihiro city, Hokkaido.
November Created new office building at current location in Oroshi-honmachi and moved headquarter.
2000 February Opened "Tea Space Lasala" on ground floor in headquarter.
2001 March Acquired JAS organic certification from domestic authority.
2002 April Acquired Quality Management Systems ISO9001:2000, JISQ9001:2000.
2005 April Opened "Tea Space Lasala" in Arata, Kagoshima city.
November Received minister's award from MAFF(Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) in category of food industry.
2006 March Established R&D center for Benifuki tea jointly with Kagoshima Prefectural Institute for Agricultural Development and Kagoshima Prefectural College.